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Recently I just got a new matress & box spring… so I’ve been on a search for the perfect headboard. I want something exagerated, over the top and screams Monica! I found it, and its gonna cost me a pretty penny, well… where there’s will, there’s always a way. So back on my quest I went, and wouldn’t you know it youtube saved the day, I came across this DYI video, its the same shape as what I am looking for, I’ll just have to make some minor alterations, because I want mine just a little bigger. I want to feel like royalty when I curl up in my bed, the Queen of the Night. I can’t wait to show pictures, I’ll post them as soon as the bedroom is complete.

I’d love to see your DYI projects, send me pics.

Video: Design Sponge Editor Grace Bonney

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My name is Monica Morris, this blog is inspired by my grandmother Geneva Kea. My grandmother had a nack for fashion and decorating. She had an even better one for finding a great deal, somehow I think I inherited that trait. Join me as I welcome you into my personal ventures of treasure hunting, fabulous fashion finds, and home decorating the Geneva K. way....
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